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New Knight Royal Hotel Airport and Disneyland is located on the airport's Zhenchuan Highway, and is about 18 minutes 'drive from Disneyland and 22 minutes' drive from Shanghai Wildlife Park. The hotel provides free Pudong Airport and Disney shuttle service for all guests. Please contact the hotel for shuttle inquiries. In addition, there is a bus stop at the entrance of the hotel that can take buses 615, 991 and Pudong 24 directly to nearby subway stations and the city center.
The hotel is built according to the star standard, and it is an international luxury business hotel integrating intelligence, digitization, informationization and multi-functional environmental protection.
The hotel is equipped with advanced fire security equipment, comfortable luxury beds, central air-conditioning and satellite TV, 24-hour hot water bathing, Wi-Fi WIFI without dead corner coverage, all kinds of luxurious rooms, chess and card rooms and suites, supporting features and self-help Restaurants, convenience supermarkets, leisure and entertainment halls, multifunctional conference halls, large parking lots and other facilities. The hotel's comfortable and luxurious rooms are equipped with high-grade writing tables and coffee tables, ensuring a warm and elegant office rest environment.